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We are a highly rated ELECTRICAL services company whose focus on safety, uptime, and training for the past 20 years has established us a go to electrical services company for industrial, COMMERCIAL, and RESIDENTIAL industries alike.

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Prioritizing Safety

Industrial Electrician Near Me
  • Safety / Osha 30
  • Planned Implementations
  • 20/yrs Experience
  • System Integration Experts
  • UDP Backups


Maximizing Profitability 

Industrial Electrician Near Me
  • Fast Turn Arounds
  • Flexible Work Scheduling
  • Minimal Down Time
  • Energy Efficiencies Experts
  • Profitable Integration


Fast Turn Arounds

Industrial Electrician Near Me
  • Local Standards
  • Code Upgrades
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • New Construction
  • Renovations


electrician near me - lighting bolt
industrial, 2018

Great job. Quick response- good pricing
Definitely will use them again.

industrial, 2018

Highly recommended them!

residential, 2019
residential, 2018

residential, 2018

The best electrical company!
Quick response!
Fair prices and most honest company I’ve dealt with!

residential, 2018

Reviewer left a 5 star review on google. Project consisted of working closely with Sergio to complete his electrical throughout his house.
The project took 15 days. We asked Sergio to review us and are grateful for his 5 star google reviews. Thanks sergio.

residential, 2018

The best electrical company I have ever dealt with! Robert and Alberto installed recessed lighting in my home and they did an unbelievable job. Communication was clear from start to finish and when they found a few issues with my electrical wiring they immediately let me know before continuing the job. Great prices, reliable, trustworthy and amazing customer service pretty much defines BRT Electric! I definitely recommend hiring them you won’t regret it!

residential, 2018

Great company! They were punctual and explained everything that needed to be done. I would highly recommend them. If I had to rate them, they would be a strong (A) or a 5 star company. I?m Grateful I hired them, A Britton

commercial, 2018

One of the best electrical company ive ever had do my lighting! They are very kind, have fair prices, and dont have hidden fees like other companies that try to lie you out of your money. I would highly recommend having this company do your electricity! I paid them, they did my lighting, and thats it! Its easy as 1, 2, 3!This is a company you can trust!

commercial, 2018

Reviewer left a photo of our work on google.

commercial, 2018

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Can you handle my scope of work?

From multi-million dollar industrial projects to local residential and commercial installations, we have teams that scale to fit the needs of our clients. Engineering, repairing or upgrading we work to meet the needs of our customer specifications, follow industrial best practices and safety protocols always ensuring each aspects of the project meet industry standards or follows code upgrades.

Can you meet our deadlines?

  • Project Sprint – 2 shifts, 12 hours days, or weekends (flexibility) – machine relocation 2 week window.
  • Rapid Response Time – Holiday and Weekends – Power Loss
  • Emergency Shutdown, Troubleshooting Control Automation
  • Scheduled Plant Shutdowns For Facility Maintenance

What are BRT's Industry Specialities?

We have extensive experience installing high tech industrial commercial installations including but not limited to: valves, flow meters, level transmitters, temperature and pressure transmitters, analog, check and flow valves, speed sensors, proximity sensors and more.

Our implementations focus on quality maintenance friendly installations. We provide comprehensive loop checking alongside local project engineers, and continually emphasize safety while planning efficiently to maximize your project uptime and overall productivity.

What is BRT Safety Record and Safety Certification?

BRT has never had a near miss, first aid, mis work time, or fatality. We take pride in constantly pursuing the highest levels of safety training and certifications. We stay on top of our renewals yearly, bi-annually, etc.

BRT embodies a culture of safety. This applies to new and veteran team leaders alike. Our team members are constantly tracked to ensure they have the latest in training across multiple safety disciplines and maintain their industry specific safety certifications including, but not limited to:

  • Three Rivers Safety
  • Osha 10
  • CPR
  • Lift Training
  • Ladder Training
  • NFPA 70E
  • Arc Flash Training

At BRT Electric our electricians are always looking for ways to get an edge over the competition. Whether in the office or at location we are working hard on your project.

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Do not stress yourself by the electrical issues. You can count on our team of licensed professionals who are ready to serve you and help you save time and money. We’ll keep your project on task and complete it on time and on budget.


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